The government realizes the significance of applying science and technology as a keynote to push forward the development of national economy and society in order to reinforce our growth and competitiveness. By doing so, we will become free from the middle income trap (MIT). The government aims to increase the investment in science and technology up to 1% of GDP within B.E. 2559, and then move ahead to 2% GDP in the next phase. It also highlights on the development of personnel in these fields up to 15 persons per 10,000 population within B.E. 2559 before reaching 25 persons per 10,000 population. Those who are given priority as part of the investment in the next phase include private sectors either Thai or multinational companies, because the government saw the magnitude of their investment. The government itself will organize the motivation systems towards those companies. The systems comprise finance, taxes, the encouragement of human resource development, the investment in infrastructures of science and technology, and the revision of associated legislations or regulations, especially the policy advocating R&D Centre (Research and Development Center) of companies for Thailand’s competitive ability. 

              Thus, National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI); and Science and Technology Division of Thai Industrial Creation Research and Development Supporting Network together with their subordinate agencies agreed to create the project of “Promotion Center for the Development of Company R&D Center in Thailand)”, called in short as Company R&D Center (CRDC), with one-stop solution office under the name CRDC or CRDC– FC (Company R&D Centre – Facilitation Center). The main purpose is to provide service and support of competence development for industrial research as well as progress. The investment in research and development will be promoted for the serious advancement of technology that shall facilitate the implementation of research and development. At the same time, possible approaches to reduce business risks will also be guided to private sectors. Long-term competitive competence of the country will be enhanced as well.  

              To achieve the development of a reasearch is not that easy. A number of researchers have found difficulties in work and inappropriate methods or unready technology. These hindrances often make competitors step much more ahead than you. Being unaware of tool, knowledge, information, or consulting sources usually brings about unsmooth work. Such troubles can be eliminated by relying on CRDC (Company R&D Center - Facilitation Center) or CRDC-FC, the focus of all necessary elements for research and development. Our consulting unit is always available for you here, and we are ready to grow together with you through our complete service. But beyond service, we give solutions.
At CRDC-FC, You Will Experience:

OSS (One Stop Solutions)
We have the rooms for contacting officers in charge and researchers when you need consulting. They are always ready to help you plan your research procedures; contact other agencies for tool, knowledge, and technology support; provide appropriate experts to assist you with research; and help with supporting policies from government sectors in regard to research. 
IS (Innovation Space)
It was created for information collection with respect to innovation development in the sense of researches, technology, and latest innovations. Information of related policies as well as backing activities/events from agencies are also embeded. Our space presents the combination of relaxing and innovation atmospheres. Thus, they are suitable for spending your time on work, consulting, and unofficial meetings.  
Pre-R&D Establishment Lab
Incubation space is available for research and development of private sectors. It is used as a lab for each company with an
interest in developing activities into company’s research and development. We allow space allocation following the request from companies for the space through their applications. Researchers of each company must be stationed at its own space, and exchange information as well as ideas with those from other companies without impacts on business interests. They must also stay under fine environments for research and development, i.e., universities’ and government research institutes’ spaces that make it more possible to simply access labs, tools and equipment, experts/specialists, and students --- the mainsprings that generate sustainable growth of private sectors’ research and development institutes.   
External Labs
CRDC-FC does not only hold internal rooms and lab but also cooperates with universities and companies until the consulting network was originated. Labs and tools provided can be manipulated as well.