Companies that Should Join the Project
- Industries or businesses that own identical technology to that of CRDC --- basic technology for the principal industrial groups of the country, namely, design, mechanics, and materials as well as manufacturing comprised in all kinds of industries, that is to say, electronics & electrical, automotives, materials & manufacturing, energy & environment, transport & logistics, food & chemicals, and bio & medical.
- Show determination to work with government and private sectors, or educational institutes for complete mutual research and development.
- Would like to exhibit research and technology development for dissemination or for finding channels to expand markets that bear productions in new industrial groups.
- Must carry out associated practices that contribute to the progress of research institutes and private sectors. 
- Would like to propose any demands to governement sectors for their aids to proceed missions to achieve the development or the extension of research, including the advancement of private sectors such as demands in terms of policy and venture capitals for personnel as well as infrastructure development; and of limited national technology.    
Requirements for Companies to Join the Project

     Submit application forms directly at R&D Center - Facilitation Center [CRDC (CRDC-FC)] for joining CRDC Project, with the descriptions of objectives, scopes, operation plans, request pattern for support/sponsorship, and expected outcomes. Those must refer to the increment of sustainable competition ability.