Service and Support

One stop solution is the complete service of coordination and facilitation for the reachable accomplishment of your goals. We help you reduce complicated process. We remove delays in contacting with other organizations. 
Types of Service
1. Personnel Recruitment and Development
We help you recruit professional personnel in technology to meet your desire so that efficient innovations can be built. Their existing knowledge and ability regarding this field will also be enhanced for perfect skills. Seminars will also be held on proper occasions by experts from several agencies. 
2. Tool and Equipment Supply
We provide you useful advices and coordination in order to employ analysis and testing tools at different agencies.
3. Passing on Knowledge and Technology
We help explore and then transfer on knowledge and technology. We provide recommendations and coordination with the network of master scholars who specialize in this field from educational institutes, research institutes, and industrial factories. Besides, we also collaborate or arranage trainings, and transfer on knowledge and as well as competence, along with continuous update about modern technology and innovations.
4. Providing Spaces to Locate Research and Development Centers
We help seeking for space to locate your research and development center. Temporary rental space is permitted for taking a shot at primary research conduct so as to inducubate readiness (Pre R&D Establishment Project). The place is filled with analysis tools all around, convenient to contact officers, and easy to reach what you desire.
5. Giving Advices/Recommendations to Exploit Government Sectors’ Policies.
We guide you how to apply those subjected policies. We provide recommendations and coordination to make private sectors
understand the policies of the project together with other supporting measures of government sectors. Moreover, you can even request for suggestions in the aspect of non-extistent policies, and propose them to government sectors afterwards.